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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Your Questions about Writing Answered

Do you have a question you’d like to see answered on this blog? Post it here (in the comments section), or send it to me via e-mail. All questions sent by e-mail will be posted anonymously (unless you request otherwise).

As I receive and answer questions, I will create an index of the topics covered. Check back here regularly to see if your question has been answered.

Question #1: Finding a Publisher for my Novel
Question #2: Getting Started Writing for Magazines
Question #3: Writing a Novel to Completion
Question #4: Getting Paid while Living Abroad
Question #5: Feeling Shy to Negotiate
Question #6: Work at Home Jobs
Question #7: Giving Away All Rights
Question #8: Are Writers in Pakistan (and other countries) Disadvantaged?
Question #9: Contest Entry Fees
Question #10: Using a Pen-Name
Question #11: What is a Query?
Question #12: In Search of Islamic Magazines
Question #13: Where to Publish a Fabric Book
Question #14: Is a Degree Necessary?
Question #15: Lack of Funds for Publishing
Question #16: Sending Attachments to Publishers (coming soon)


Anonymous said...

Could you give me some tips on how to finish a novel? In the middle of writing about 20pages, i end up thinking this isn't good to be finished, any advice?

Anonymous said...

As-salamu Alaykum, Sr. Aisha,
Thank you for posting a question. I have posted a response in Question #3 above (Writing a Novel to Completion).

Anonymous said...

Can you suggest any site or resource for guidance on creating a 'writing-related CV'.

Also, when approaching a new writing market with queries, should i include details & ref. to 'all' of my writings to-date or only a few or relevent ones?

Anonymous said...

Writer's Block??

What are some good tips to getting back into the writing game? I have a few stories that I have not been able to complete. I'm not sure if it's psychological or what, but I would really like to get past this block I'm having. Any suggestions would be appreciated :)


Anonymous said...

As salam alaykuim:

I wanted to know does someone need a degree or classes in journalism to obtain a position as a writer ? A freelancer I assume would just try to get a "gig" by trying and trying. What do you suggest for getting started?

precisiontext said...

As-salamu Alaykum,
I have posted a response to the last question about degrees in Question #14 above. Thank you to those who have posted questions. Although some are more than a year old, I will do my best to respond to these in the near future.

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IRDF Nairobi said...

asslam alaikum.

jazakallah for the beautiful blog. may Allah increase you with knowledge and continue tobenefit the ummah.

I have a couple of questions.

1)how does one do freelance writing for organizations abroad and how does one get paid?
2)how to negotiate the fees?
3) how to get clients?
4)what topics are most captivating?

5)how to get sponsors to publish your books and articles?

Anonymous said...

Is writing fiction books haraam in Islam? I cannot get a clear answer anywhere so it would be helpful if you could help me :) Thank you

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