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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Muslimette: A New Paying Market

Muslimette is a new on-line magazine of interest to Muslim women.

According to the website:
Muslimette Magazine focuses on Muslim women living in a western world with Islam as their guide. In the magazine, you’ll find fun articles about fashion and beauty, inspiring stories about real Muslim women, tips about single and married life, and much more!
Writers will be happy to know that Muslimette is a paying market and is seeking article writers, bloggers, photographers, researchers, and more. Basic guidelines can be found here. In addition, Sr. Kima, the editor of Muslimette, has provided me with the following detailed information to publish here:

Muslimette is a new bimonthly on-line magazine for smart, young Muslim women who are in touch with the Western world and who live their lives with Islam as their guide. Muslimette wants to be a fun but wise best friend to these women - inspiring them to be proud of who they are and to be the best Muslims they can be.

(Information about circulation removed at the request of the publisher).

Fashion, Beauty, Love, Faith, Life, and Health.

We are looking for honest, intriguing, and surprising real-life stories and personal essays about Muslim women in their 20s and 30s (give/take a few years). The stories can be about Muslim women who live anywhere in the world, but they should still be relatable and relevant to the lives and concerns of our reader.

We are also looking for tips, lists, and opinion articles that advise and inform the reader on various aspects of her life, from relationships (no topic is taboo as long as it is handled with class and with the
Qur'an in mind), life, faith, work, money, and contemporary events. -- Anything that affects our reader or that will leave her feeling informed, inspired, and/or amused. Please include quotes and anecdotes with these types of articles.

We would prefer that you submit pictures with your articles, but if that's not possible, we will find alternatives.

Please have a look at Glamour and Marie Claire for an idea of what our style will be like. Muslimette is like a Muslim version of those magazines - minus all the talk about celebs and one-night-stands.

We would like to feature stories similar to those that are published in the magazines above, but with a Muslimah spin on them.

Rates of pay have been removed at request of the publisher. Contact the publisher for current rates.

On publication.

First Web/Internet Rights. Reprints may be accepted depending on where and when they were previously published.

Nov/Dec 2009 -
Eid Al-Adha/General
Jan/Feb 2010 - New Year/General
Mar/Apr 2010 - General
May/Jun 2010 - Weddings/Marriage/ General
Jul/Aug 2010 - General
Sept/Oct 2010 - Breast Cancer Awareness/General

Please submit summaries of story ideas (with projected word count), a few lines about your writing experience and if possible, previously published writing samples to

A special thanks to Sr. Kima, and best wishes to all who submit their work to this new on-line publication.


Sadaf said...

This magazine looks like a good one. Jazakillahu Khair, Amel. I know that sometimes your posts do not get many comments, but I hope you do not take that to be an indicator of the success and quality of your blog.
I for one think it is excellent! You are providing a wonderful service and a beautiful representation of Islam on the web. :)

precisiontext said...

As-salamu Alaykum, Sr. Sadaf, and thank you for the encouragement. I also enjoy visiting your blog (Sadaf's Space) and see that you have also been blogging at Keep up the good work!

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