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Saturday, May 9, 2009

10 Halal Writing Opportunities for May 10, 2009

There are many blogs and websites listing jobs for writers, but it can be frustrating to sift through all the undesirable ads. For example, the headline might read: Bilingual copywriter needed for growing website...but then you find out it is for a site that promotes gambling or another problematic industry. Sometimes it takes five minutes to find this out (if the ad is clear), and sometimes it takes much longer if you happen to actually apply for the job or enter into correspondence with the company/individual offering it.

In part, the reason I started this blog was to highlight the many opportunities of interest to Muslim writers. Generally speaking, these opportunities are not widely advertised, and it seemed like it would be handy to harness them into a central location. As the blog expands, however, it has become apparent that my readers want access to all types of writing opportunities so long as they are halal.

I will, of course, continue to list opportunities in the niche field of Muslim media, but you should also start watching this space for all types of writing jobs. Enjoy today's list, and let me know what you think of the idea in the comments section. I would be especially interested in hearing from people who apply to any of the jobs.

Please note that I cannot vouch for any of the jobs/companies listed (you must take the time to thoroughly investigate any job you apply for), but I am attempting to go one level beyond what is provided on most writing sites/blogs by filtering out the jobs that are obviously scammy or undesirable to practicing Muslims.

10 Halal Writing Opportunities for May 10, 2009:

Fact-based, encyclopedic articles for Conjecture ($10 per article of 400 words)

Articles on home-improvement

Articles on all aspects of transportation in San Francisco

Local reporter for the Milpitas Post in California ($14 per hour)

Writer/Editor for pet e-books ($15-$25 per hour)

Newsletters, brochures, and advertisements for senior living industry (hourly rate)

Proofreader for a science publication (on-site in NYC)

Architectural firm needs experienced freelance writer

Full-time local reporter in Tacoma, WA

Author needed for historic pictorial of Puget Sound

Not sure what is meant by halal?

See: Standards Used to Determine Halal Writing Opportunities


Anonymous said...


Looking for a female fashion-writer for a Muslim woman's magazine. She can be based anywhere in the world but will need to have a strong know-how of or be able to research the UK fashion scene. She will be required to produce quality write-ups on current fashion trends and focus on the area of style as a whole. She will not be required to supply pictures as they are provided by designers/companies themselves. The ideal candidate is expected to continue on the same lines as the magazine's current style but should be able to make it stronger, more creative and more relevant.
Current style= UK based brands & western attire only (nothing contentious please!).
Please provide a fashion-writing sample of previous work(s) with CV if interested.

Thank you

precisiontext said...

As-salamu Alaykum, Riterblock, and thanks for posting this opportunity. I went ahead and posted it to the main page of the blog. What is the name of your magazine, and is it a paying market? These are details that blog visitors will be interested in.

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