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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Resource: Religion Newswriters Association

According to this page on the Religion Newswriters Association website, Ebru TV is seeking a part-time host for Perspectives of Faith, a one-hour interview program on Islam, religion and interfaith dialogue. The listing is from May, so it may be that the position has since been filled.

Incidentally, the Religion Newswriters Association (whose aim is to help journalists cover religion with "balance, accuracy and insight") is a great resource for people writing about Islam.
On September 17th, for example, a conference called Covering Islam will be held in Washington, D.C. Topics of discussion will include the basics of the faith, the leadership role of women, and the rise in civic participation among American Muslims.

Also check out the following RNA Source Guides:

Covering Islam 101
Lots of resources, including demographic information on Muslims and surveys about Islam.

Covering Islam and Politics
A listing that includes research centers, organizations and scholars with expertise on the growing role of Muslims’ interactions with government and politics.

Islam: A Guide to U.S. Experts and Organizations
Lists more than 100 experts who specialize in such areas as civil rights, politics, foreign affairs, art, culture, history, law, family issues and more. It also includes Muslim advocacy organizations, research centers and think tanks.

Among other things, there are also scholarships and contests to benefit from. And, if you write for secular media, you'll definitely want to check out the Religion Newswriters’ Religion Stylebook for preferred spelling of religious terms, such as Koran/Quran, Muhammad (PBUH), Mecca/Makkah, etc.

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