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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hiba Magazine

I have heard various people mention Hiba Magazine, a Muslim family magazine with offices in Dubai and Karachi. The website is pretty outdated (the last material posted is from 2005), but the magazine looks nice. If you want to write for this publication, try contacting the editor.


Sadaf Farooqi said...

I have been writing for Hiba Magazine since 2006. The editor is always keen to receive contributions - that's how I got started too. She may be contacted at - her name is Rana Rais Khan, and she is Pakistani. She works from home.

The pay at Hiba is US $10 (PKR 600)for an article of 1100 words. It's a quarterly magazine. I would not be divulging this information had I not gone through your blog and seen evidence of your sincere efforts to privide Muslim sisters with paying writing opportunities. Jazaakillahu khairan sister.

I too am seeking such an opportunity - a more sustained paying market for my work online. Wassalam.

precisiontext said...

As-salamu Alaykum, Sister Sadaf, and jazzacki Allah khair for sharing this information with blog readers. I visited your "How to Do Things" page and am impressed by the way you are taking the opportunity to present Islamic topics in a fun, engaging format. If you like writing for online markets, you may do well with There is a little something for everyone there.

Sadaf Farooqi said...

Jazaakillahu khairan for the feedback sister! I try to use my spare time to write what I can to benefit others. I did apply to through their online feedback form more than once, but did not receive a response. I think maybe they did not get my application!

I wanted to inform sister Amel Abdullah that Hiba Magazine's website is now up and functional again, alhamdulillah, and will remain so, inshaAllah. Hiba went through a financial crunch but with Allah's mercy it has passed out of that phase.

So you can report Hiba as a paying market for writers in your blog. Please visit the link below:

May Allah reward you for having and maintaining this excellent blog!

Ifrah Jaffrey said...

Salam alaikum warehmatulla wabarakatahu ! I am thank-ful to the entire team of Hiba magazine, the writers and contributors for bringing such informative readings for us, I have learnt so much more and with the peace of mind that the ahadith quoted in the articles etc are on good authorities, Alhumdulillah.

jazakAllah khairun people, this is your jihad and may Allah increase you in faith and wisdom, Ameen.

May Allah bless and unite the Umaah of Rasulullah(saw) . Ameen


Hiba Admin said...

Assalam ualaikum

Jazak Allah Khair for mentioning Hiba Magazine in your post.

We revamped the website in 2008 and again in 2012. We now have a regularly-updated blog and we invite contributions from writers worldwide.

Interested writers can get in touch at

This blog is maintained by Amel Abdullah, a freelance writer, editor, and Arabic to English translator.