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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Writing Competition

I received the following notice earlier today:

Islamic Circle of North America Sisters Wing Noor Magazine Offers A Writing Competition

Noor magazine from ICNA sisters wing is having an essay competetion on Seerah(SAW).

It can be in English or Urdu.

Our noble prophet's every impression and step, every word and style, and all his actions are ideal for us to follow.

The Quran says: "You have in the Messenger of Allah the most beautiful pattern of conduct."33:21It's so unfortunate that in spite of having passionate love for Mohammad s.a.w.

Muslims are unaware of his beautiful personality and Seerah. A clear understanding of his Seerah is the only route to success.

Without it we have no weight in the world and no proper guidance toward propagating Islamic way of life.

To achieve this goal of understanding the Seerah of Mohammad s.a.s. the department of Noor(ICNA sisters wing) offers an opportunity to enter a writing competition. Write and get a share of the reward by Allah s.w.t. The topics are as follows.

Paradigm of good manners and conduct

Devotion to you is, Imane Rasool e Arabi

Complete conviction (shrah e sadr) of prophet (saw) and steadfastness"

Tradition of the prophet s.a.s. and modern Science"

The ultimate Leadership: unparallel leader of Dawah, training, organization and the greatest commander in chief

The Provident:moderate,balanced, equitable, wisdom, forbear-rance, rationale

Instruction and conditions to enter the competition:

Entrees should reach by September 10, 2007.

Entrees should not exceed more than 1500-2000 words.

Articles should be thought and action provoking.

Write in black ink, double-spaced and only on one side of the paper.

Note: 1st, 2nd, 3rd winners will be awarded $100, $75, $50's halalco gift certificates respectively, and winning articles will be published in Seerah Number of Noor magazine.

All other suitable articles will be publishes in a book form by publishing Department of ICNA

Visit for more info.

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